Let That Hair Talk

Abrantie range of shampoos are designed to clear dead skin cells, remove oil, debris and odor whilst infusing moisture and needed ingredients in the hair to fortify it. The benefits are enormous dependinag on the type of shampoo.

Mild Shampoo

Moisturizes | Conditions | Softens

✓ Gently cleanses hair
✓ Moisturizes hair and scalp
✓ Softens hair for manageability
✓ Ideal for extremely dry and brittle hair

For kids & adults with kinky hair

Herbal Shampoo

Heals | Fortifies | Hydrates

✓ Heals from the inside-out
✓ Controls the effects of chemical damages to the hair
✓ Restores & protects the hair
✓ Promotes long lasting hair
✓ It fortifies lanthionine bonds
✓ Neutralizes any caustic residue

For relaxed & colour-treated hair

Natural Shampoo

Mends | Treats | Detangles

✓ Detangles the hair instantly
✓ Ideal for chemically treated hair
✓ Reduces hair breakages
✓ Mends split ends
✓ Hydrates the hair & scalp

For damaged hair repairs

Anti-Itch Shampoo

Soothes | Cleanses | Relieves

✓ Deeply cleanses the scalp
✓ Reduces redness & inflammation on the scalp
✓ Neutralizes itchiness & irritation
✓ Controls symptoms of other scalp conditions
✓ Ideal for post-extensions

For kids & adults with itchy scalp

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Soothes | Clears | Treats

✓ Deeply cleanses the scalp
✓ Reduces itchiness & irritation
✓ Eliminates fungi infection on the scalp
✓ Treats dry dandruff
✓ Cleans pollutants & residues

For extremely dry & flaky hair


Neutralizes | Moisturizes | Enriches

✓ Restores hair to its acidity state
✓ Maintain pH of level
✓ Prevents moisture loss
✓ Eliminates build-up and excess sebum
✓ Neutralizes any caustic residue

For relaxed and color-treated hair