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Conditioners (Rinsable)


Let That Hair Talk

Conditioners are usually the second step after shampooing. It restores moisture, reduces breakages, treats, mends split ends and makes the hair manageable. It also protects the hair shaft from the ultra violet rays (UV) whilst embedding the second layer with lost (Keratin) protein that improves the hair luster with maximum strength.


Mends | Treats | Detangles

✓ Detangles the hair instantly
✓ Ideal for chemically treated hair
✓ Reduces hair breakages
✓ Mends split ends
✓ Hydrates the hair & scalp

For damaged hair repairs


Heals | Fortifies | Hydrates

✓ Heals from the inside-out
✓ Controls the effects of chemical damages to the hair
✓ Restores & protects the hair
✓ Promotes long lasting hair
✓ It fortifies lanthionine bonds
✓ Neutralizes any caustic residue

For relaxed & colour-treated hair


Detangles | Hydrates | Protects

✓ Detangle the hair instantly
✓ Ideal for all hair types
✓ Hydrates the hair
✓ Silken the hair
✓ Frizz protection

For all hair types

Abrantie Naturals is a branch of the Abrantie Group which is directly in the production of a wide range of Hair and Scalp treatment products..

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