Conditioners (Leave-In)

Let That Hair Talk

Abrantie leave – in conditioners are of uniqueness by providing extra moisture to the hiar and helps detangle strands. It protects hair from damages by ensuring adequate mending and nourishing so far as it stays in the hair. This product is applied and left in hair before styling to form a film in the strands against other chemicals. It is used before blow-drying, roller setting and braiding.


Detangles | Treats | Mends

✓ Detangles the hair instantly
✓ Ideal for chemically treated hair
✓ Reduces hair breakages
✓ Mends split hair ends
✓ Hydrates the hair and scalp

For all hair types



Detangles | Hydrates | Protects

✓ Detangles the hair instantly
✓ Locks – in extra moisture
✓ Softens the hair for manageability
✓ Nourishes the hair
✓ Hydrates the hair & scalp
✓ Ideal for brittle hair

For brittle hair