Who We Are

Abrantie Naturals – the branch of the Abrantie Group which is directly in the production of a wide range of Hair and Scalp treatment products. Abrantie Naturals is a fully registered business entity and our range of hair and scalp products are fully accredited by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana. The company has a wide variety of skin, hair and scalp treatment products for adults and children. We have over 25 product lines specifically for hair growth, scalp treatment, and related therapeutic remedies.

We create hair and skin care products that are inviting, efficacious and full of character. Each product is uniquely crafted from superior quality ingredients, studied with scientific precision. Every formula is the result of a rigorous process that guarantees its properties and efficacy. We take pride in the products’ purity, uniqueness and integrity.

We have an in-house laboratory where constant research and development is always in progress. We make use of biodegradable and hypoallergenic raw materials that are extracted directly from their natural origin. In order to ensure we inculcate the right quality control system; we audit our suppliers to maintain and control the quality of the ingredients we use in our line of production. We ensure a detailed examination of all raw materials and components, test our production processes continuously for quality control and also examine our products in stock, making sure we abide religiously by our quality control mechanisms.


Core Values

Client Focused

Our core mandate is to provide specific solution(s) to our clients’ specific problem(s) respectively. We will put in all efforts to treat each client as a unique individual and go all out to find the best unique solution for each client.


Production of quality and high-end products. Quality WILL NOT be compromised at any cost.


Stay relevant in our sub-sector of operation; researching and developing relevant products and database for the cosmetics and house-hold industry.

Timely & Accurate

Ensure a timely delivery of products and services without affecting quality.


Create an emotional attachment to our clients and prospects that our range of products will deliver the solutions as promised.


Our products meet the demands and expectations of international markets. Our productranges can on their own compete with international brands.

Our Mission

To establish Abrantie Naturals as an important brand that represents quality in the cosmetics industry by providing high-grade products that will provide solutions to our consumers and enhance their wellbeing. (We will accomplish this by using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a comprehensive distribution network, using both brick and mortar retail outlets, internet presence, and a consumer catalogue). By utilizing this multi-channel approach, we will be able to reach the niche market for quality personal care products rapidly and efficiently. It will allow us to develop Abrantie Naturals as the brand for quality cosmetics and personal care products within our target market.  

Our Vision

To be a household name in the cosmetic sector with a niche, that will lead us in manufacturing high-quality product lines to meet the desires and needs of customers.

Our Strategic Partners

Organizations that support our projects