WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS We have a wide of products for all all kinds of hair and hair conditions for you to choose from. TREATMENT YOU CAN TRUST We have scientifically tested and proven treatment for all your hair conditions.

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Abrantie Naturals - the branch of the Abrantie Group which is directly in the production of a wide range of Hair and Scalp treatment products. Abrantie Naturals is a fully registered business entity and our range of hair and scalp products are fully accredited by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana. The company has a wide variety of skin, hair and scalp treatment products for adults and children. We have over 25 product lines specifically for hair growth, scalp treatment, and related therapeutic remedies.

We create hair and skin care products that are inviting, efficacious and full of character. Each product is uniquely crafted from superior quality ingredients, studied with scientific precision. Every formula is the result of a rigorous process that guarantees its properties and efficacy. We take pride in the products’ purity, uniqueness and integrity.

We have an in-house laboratory where constant research and development is always in progress. We make use of biodegradable and hypoallergenic raw materials that are extracted directly from their natural origin. In order to ensure we inculcate the right quality control system; we audit our suppliers to maintain and control the quality of the ingredients we use in our line of production. We ensure a detailed examination of all raw materials and components, test our production processes continuously for quality control and also examine our products in stock, making sure we abide religiously by our quality control mechanisms.

You said about us

Anti dandruff


“I used to have serious Dandruff on my scalp and it made me uncomfortable when I braid. Someone introduced me to Abrantie naturals and I bought their Anti dandruff set for my hairdresser to treat my scalp. Right now I have braided my hair for about two weeks now and not a single dandruff on my scalp. I recommend these products to anyone having problems with their hair and scalp.”

Vanissa (Consumer)

pH Balancing Shampoo


“I had a client whose hair was entangled. According to the lady she has visited so many salons to detangle it and shampoo but no good results. For me, that was the first time I was going to use Abrantie Naturals product so my confidence was low. I convinced the lady that I have a product that can solve her problems so she agreed to try. I first used the pH Balancing Shampoo since that was the first time she was shampooing at my place. In some few minutes I realized that the hair is detangling on its own so I said “Afa”. After everything she was very happy and even gave me 100 cedis for the hair I charged 40 cedis and thanked me very much”

Susana Tigah (Practitioner)

Natural Leave- In Conditioner


“I bought the natural leave- in conditioner and its very good. It makes it easy to comb natural hair and also makes it soft. I recommend for parents who have kids with natural hair and find it difficult to comb; it will solve your problem for you.”

Anonymous (Consumer)

Reconstructant Condition


“I am a beautician and I have permanently colored my hair. The tip became brittle and was breaking so I used the herbal shampoo to wash my hair and went on to use the reconstructant conditioner because of the coloring. I applied the leave-in Conditioner to blow dry my hair and also used the Anti breakage scalp ointment and the Hair dress. After I combed it the hair that was breaking had stopped instantly and I was very happy.”

Yvonne Ghansah (Consumer)

treatment Packages


☞ Dandruff Treatment
☞ Abrantepa Growth Range/Baldness Treatment
☞ Itchy Scalp Treatment
☞ Dry Scalp Treatment
☞ Thinning Hair Treatment
☞ Hair Breakage Treatment
☞ Alopecia Treatment
☞ Coloured Hair Restoration
☞ Damaged Hair Treatment
☞ Chemical Treatment


☞ Braid Maintenance
☞ Relaxed Hair Enhancement (Fine)
☞ Relaxed Hair Enhancement (Medium)
☞ Relaxed Hair Enhancement (Coarse)
☞ Relaxed Hair Enhancement for Kids (Coarse, Fine Hair)
☞ Natural Hair Enhancement (Medium, Fine, Coarse Hairs)
☞ Natural Hair Enhancement for Kids (Coarse, Medium)
☞ Abrantepa Beard Maintenance
☞ Abrantepa Hair Maintenance

Our product range


Abrantie range of shampoos are designed to clear dead skin cells, remove oil, debris and odor whilst infusing moisture and needed ingredients in the hair to fortify it. The benefits are enormous dependinag on the type of shampoo.


Conditioners are usually the second step after shampooing. It restores moisture, reduces breakages, treats, mends split ends and makes the hair manageable. It also protects the hair shaft from the ultra violet rays (UV) whilst embedding the second layer with lost (Keratin) protein that improves the hair luster with maximum strength.


Abrantie leave – in conditioners are of uniqueness by providing extra moisture to the hiar and helps detangle strands. It protects hair from damages by ensuring adequate mending and nourishing so far as it stays in the hair. This product is applied and left in hair before styling to form a film in the strands against other chemicals. It is used before blow-drying, roller setting and braiding.


This is also an Abrantie organic formulation with natural oils, herbs, seeds, and plants for all different types of scalp problems.

These formulations are meant for SCALP ONLY which either promotes growth and eradicates problems of the scalp. Daily use or weekly use give the right results by applying the right massage and scalp manipulation techniques


These unique hairdresses are soft, gel-like or waxy products formulated with organic ingredients to be applied to the hair strands to finish a style. They are less oily and used on daily basis to treat, fortify or volumises the hair. It comes in varieties that benefits the hair as per the hair type.


These are essential oils that are organic with unrefined ingredients to moisturize and promote healthy hair growth. It provides luster, increases moisture and aid hair product with the right applications.

It has combination of 16 types of oils and seeds such as Coconut oil, Chebe powder, Karkar oil, Mint oil, Sulphur castor oil, Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, Lemon oil, Moringa oil, Baobab oil, Fenugreek, Cloves, Indian Hemp, Neem oil etc.

Abrantie Naturals is a branch of the Abrantie Group which is directly in the production of a wide range of Hair and Scalp treatment products..

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